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Thursday, February 17, 2005


My neck is sore from leaning over my speech/tape recorder. As much as I hate to admit it, I actually really like the speech contest in nihongo no kurasu, especially this year. Last year, I did a superb job. This year, I didn't prepare as well, but I do in the end enjoy my speech. But the whole thing is, this year, I actually understood other people's speechis. JohnMark's and Batia's were superb, and I didn't get to hear some of the other people's... but it was fun anyway.


Last year the japanese judges were waaaaay scarier though. We already had met the judge this year, and she seemed to have no problemos with us.

Anyway, the point of all this is, I hope I get to go to Chicago. Because they have rejected me twice before. And I do not wish to be rejected once again. gAaaaaaaaaaaA.

Speaking of rejection, college mail seems to have dried up. After about 4 days of rapid fire college mail, I have only gotten one measly letter in the past 2 days. I guess they all decided, "oh, she's actually not that good". Which I'd have to say is true.

So yeah, I did way bad on the math test, because I thought the stupid derivative of x^2 was 2 instead of 2x ... and I forgot to answer another question. SEE, UNDER PRESSURE I CRACK. However, it's only calculus (ha)... It sort of fluctuates, which classes I feel good about and which I feel like I'm totally a failure at.

Which reminds me that I must figure out what I'm taking next year.

But whatever, I'd rather do ddr right now.

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