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Sunday, February 20, 2005

...i win you lose...

So as tired as I was, waking up early wasn't a complete waste of time yesterday cuz i got 2nd place in the individual math thingy-dingy. Oooh major buttkick. Of course, I didn't beat alejandra, but no one expects to. Anyway, I'm at least glad I beat the guy sitting next to me, because he was totally cheating. He was writing things on his answer sheet after the test, bad bad guy.

I haven't been able to do much with the boyfriend due to scheduling conflicts (i.e. I have lots of stuff to do ALL THE FREAKING TIME). Since this was a holiday all week, in our religion/cult (zaint), we decided it should be like lent, and we should give stuff up for that week. In retrospect, I have given up domier for zaintlent, because I didn't see him like all week due to sickness and again, my stupidly busy life.

The hottest new gossip: walgreens coming to a location near us. I hope they build it fast or whatever, it could be the site of many a bike ride stops, but only if it opens before this summer! We only have until this July for all the tof-ing imaginable before iiaeaux leaves us behind for the land of germany.

There is more hott new gossip but nooo I can't know about it, because it wasn't a real MSPP today. IT WAS TOO. It was a "mom says punch party"...

and we should all be butchers so the money falls out of our hands, and we can sprinkle meat on the dough, and we can have a cooking show and be meaty. and needy.


Eddie Izzard class = planned... its gonna be atsu atsu, if you're not in it, you're missing out.

I still need to cast on something for SnB... I think the time has come where 1 pair of armwarmers is just not enough. cr00t for acryllic yarn.

Where oh where is my <3? I now have a necklace that says "I want your sbod <3"

Maybe he'll be back before I watch the paul halftime superbowl tape that I must watch so I can return it to rose.

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