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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

...agora week...

This agora week is great. Who doesn't want to watch ewan mcgreggor and the guy from bend it like beckham make out???? Anyway, I enjoy that class muchly, although I have to say I enjoy slightly more upbeat movies than what we have been watching. Knitting all the time is great alhtough I feel like i'm not knitting anything because I'm knitting my mo shirts, the most awesome and least functional shirts ever (except, perhaps, some of the apparel in britney spears' and other such hos' wardrobe), so yeah. It will, as batia so wonderfully suggested, have cap sleeves (although the sleeve itself will have like 6 stitches, don't know what to do with that)...

The whole shirt is probably like 800 stitches max... it's one hott pattern. I will make a book of patterns, one day.

Yeah, right.

What else to knit? I must make the cabled newsboy cap... and a skirt, and MORE ARMWARMERS and I realize that, I very well could make a harry potter scarf, because after sara, batia, and me discussing the immense importance that sara's hogwarts scarf be double knit stockinette, I noticed that I have the dark red/ gold color combo. However, I don't really need a harry potter scarf, so if anyone really needs one, I could make it! And Sara's scarf will be beautiful anyway, even though it's going to be garter stitch.

Enough with the knitting talk.

My life recently:

On monday, I went to domey's house after depriving him of my wonderful company like all weekend cuz I had lots of activities. I would just like to point out that I saw ariana a total of 4 times this weekend, and domey only uh... 3. Although arguably, one of those was only like for 45 minutes. And ariana's mad at me, because I'm a terrible friend. Anyway, at Domey's house, of course without fail dimitri calls and has to seek shelter at domey's house because his mom can't pick him up after his ski trip. So Dimitri is always amusing, and not surprisingly, he didn't win the bet he had with us that he would get laid on his ski trip.

JELC part at Rose's house, and that was fun, hung around people I don't typically hang around (i.e. not domier) and played many card games that are way distressing. Games make me frustrated and blahed out. And at some point, I just want to eat cookies.

However I am in the midst of an important discussion via AIM so tata.

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