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Saturday, February 26, 2005!...

I am leaving my house in roughly four minutes. I won't be back for about 5 hours, becuase we have another wedding! If I was gonna have a fancy wedding, I definitely wouldn't want to have it on February 26th. I would have it in spring or summertime. When it's less disgusting. Then again, who really wants a fancy wedding anyway? I guess some people do, and that's what the pynk pyritz are for. We are way underpracticed for this one, so hopefully we'll do ok.

Agora week is over, I will miss ewan mcgreggor. And all the fun agora type stuff.

I have not much to say, other than I have to go now, farewell. Oh, and if Noam reads this, apparently my family is going out to dinner tonight so I won't need dinner. Go figure.

mo posted at 10:10 AM.