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Sunday, February 27, 2005


I've decided that for Zaint week (march 3-10) I'm going to give up being stressed out.

Zaint, our cult, is destined to spread around the world. Because it's celebrating stuff that's made you miserable. Does a certain day haunt you? Then Zaint is right for you. Actually, I really am not the date remembering sort, but celebrate the fact that your misery is gone! Anyway, it's kind of like lent, in that we're gonna give something up for Zaint week. Except, you give up something you hate. So I'm giving up being stressed out. I'm just going to refuse to be stressed.

The wedding was cute, we played well, and went to panera afterward, and all ordered the same thing. And we were wearing matching clothes. Kind of weird looking.

PMSPP (pseudo mspp) yesterday. I was an hour late to a 3 hour party because of my wonderful parents and their insistence that I sustain myself through food. I vote we take advantage of any potential mspps when we can (even if I have to ruin march 26) because in a mere 5 months or so, TOF will be no more.

hmmm what do i want to do in japan?

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