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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Lots of exciting news.

1) Last night, was at Ellen's party, and aside from eating and drawing on her walls, and the usual party antics, we decided to turn out all the lights and tell ghost stories. BAD idea. Actually, up until yesterday, ghost stories had never ever scared me, I used to love reading them but I wouldn't get scared. But anyway the worst part was that we were telling these creepy stories and at the worst possible moments, the doorbell would ring (since people were getting picked up) and we would all scream. Actually, me and Noam would. But everyone else kind of followed suit. Or perhaps they were scared too. If you ever want to be not scared though, just have Fred tell a scary story. They are amusing.

2) Yesterday we were trying to go to lunch, but noooo all the places we wanted to go were closed (the asian restaurants basically) because it was like, honorary st patricks day, so everyone was walking around in green and being really drunk, at like 11 am. So we ended up going to Panera, which was yummy, but it was disturbing to walk around with big scary fat drunk college students. I think freshman year... we were at mcdonalds buying 70 hamburgers (yes, with nobu) and there was the leprechaun dressed up dude. However, he didn't seem to be drunk, and he wasn't big and fat and scary. I have a picture of him somewhere. So anyway, I oppose big scary fat drunk students.

3) 3 pynk pyritz weddings have been cancelled. The first one, which was gonna be next weekend, they moved it to a place that doesn't have room for us. But I smell trouble, and I blame Jo Ellen. Arrr.... the second one, in June, I wouldn't have been able to do anyway, but they cancelled the wedding and they aren't getting married... hehe. The third one, which was going to be at the beginning of july, hired some other people. Bummer. But all is not lost, because we might have a wedding on June 11. Right before I leave for...

4) Japan! And sensei says we're going to KYOTO! Eat that people who went last year! This is way exciting cuz Kyoto is supposedly really freaking awesome, according to like, everyone who's been there. Apparently we're meeting up with Yabu and visiting their school. So I hope that works out, it sounds excellent. I suppose this news would be slightly more exciting if I had been friends with Yabu, but I didn't really know him at all. Anyway, this is still uber-exciting. I'm also perfectly content with my "crappy" group of japan trip buddies... I'm glad I will be one of the older ones, possibly one of the ones that sorta knows a bit of japanese rather than the completely helpless ones. Which I think I would have been last year.

5) My speech got accepted in the Chicago freaking speech contest. Suck that you dumb chicago people who rejected my wonderful speech last year because you had a "theme" that mine didn't fit. Well I got actually accepted this year, which means I get to practice more, yayyyY! I like my speech, it turned out well. Especially the bit about having your brain cells die from talking on AIM too long. So it's gonna be me and Ro, and some people from other classes. Finally, they accept me. Because I'm totally the type to long for acceptance. But it's good, and was happy NOT to have a rejection letter this year (I still have mine from last year). So yea, that's the end of spring break.

Well, I really should get some homework done, as I have an english paper to write this weekend, anthro book to read, math, random other stuff, and of course studying for my wonderful SAT next saturday... I don't think I will get way too much done though because at 4:00 it's off to domier's house to watch Ringu and drink tea. I guess we'll see how this whole scary movie thing goes. Yesterday I had to clutch onto Noam. But maybe I am brave.

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