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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

...homework break!...

Homework update:
I feel so impressive, I only worked on math for an hour so far... however I also did not get four problems. This is great news considering we have a test on monday.

Math has been insane recently. I set it up the exact same way she does, and then I get the wrong answer, and she still refuses to work through it in class.

Physics I don't even begin to understand. None of this stuff sticks in my mind. Every day I have to ask myself again, what exactly is I, or B? What IS a current? It's little charges all moving a certain direction. Why do they move? What are magnets anyway? I am completely hopeless in physics. All I can do is try to memorize how to do certain problems and hope that helps me on the quizzes.

Today in english we had to ROFTAC (roll on the floor thinking about college). I guess we didn't roll on the floor though. I don't want to think about college. Maybe I will in the summer.

Enough about homework, onto more important things:

Oh wait... I cannot really think of any. I guess the most important thing right now is that I always have random unrelated health problems on wednesdays. They sometimes extend for a while. I definitely have not been feeling my best for about a week. This distresses me. Why? Because I want to play DDR, but haven't been in the fear that doing so may worsen my various conditions.

Okay, byebye.


Taking my cues from Domey, today I have a JOTP (japanese of the post):

Mad Cow Disease (BSE)

I know you'll find it useful.

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