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Friday, March 11, 2005


Pretty relaxing day, although way too disgustingly cold outside. EOH + shortened day = teachers care less about tardies, which turned out to be useful. Events are as follows:

-No PE because we get to fill out an extremely patronizing survey instead! YES!! I found it very ironic that some of the last questions were on whether it was ok to oppress people, and then they gave us free highlighters from WALMART.

-Successful lunchbuddies, but no cake or delights. It opens after spring break. When is spring break?

-English was extremely painful. We had to read our essays. Out loud. DEATH. I basically could not do it. Domier just sort of gave in and let me read it really incoherently. My writing, I hate it so so so so much. I did have some great lines in that paper though. Relating it to Hilary Duff... that's the second english assignment that I've mentioned Hilary Duff in.

-Anthro was cool because Mr. Vaughn let us watch the game in the hallway, so I sat in the back and worked on calc.

-Physics... wandering around campus...

-Nihongo - accidentally said that the sky was long.

I said 長い空でしたね instead of 長い空の旅でしたね. So instead of saying the travel in the sky was long... i said the sky was long. Oh well. Creating hott kanjidex.

After school... didn't get any Domier, but talked on the phone for a long time... then played ddr for about 1 song, then ariana called. Then my mom told me to get off the phone, and so I played more ddr. Now I'm here. The end.

People are stressed out about the SAT tomorrow. I am not stressed out really. I won't completely suck, right? I just think of the movie The Perfect Score, and I'm good. Let's steal the answers guys.

The end, it's dinnertime.

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