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Sunday, March 13, 2005

...i had a good title but i forgot...

Humdedum who hates writing papers... MO!

Yesterday was eventful. Sort of. Spend 5 hours taking the SAT and it was hard only because of non test question related things, such as the confusion I had because the answer sheet says 40 questions per section and then it actually had only like 16 or something. Not knowing which section would be next (unless you can skillfully look through the paper), and such. Also the room was cold, there was an annoying noise, and the lady giving the test was a complete bitch. TAKE YOUR SEATS NOW! I don't know what the fuck was up her ass, but had I attacked her out of rage she would have sat on me and I would have died. Anyway no one except old freaky people knows how to write in cursive, so whatever.


It would be cool if I got a 2400 and then didn't go to college. Ha! But I dont thnk I did, especially due to really boring reading passages about reconstruction of old theaters. That didn't ask us about the tone of the passage. And it was the only passage that HAD a tone.

Straightened Domey's hair... and lots of people asked if he washed it... WTF, like he's never washed his hair before... he washes his hair way too much actually.

The Ring was dumb. Not scary, just icky. Ringu = hott. All the people in The Ring were ugly too, and creepy looking... wheras Yoichi was extremely cute and you didn't want him to die... wheras who cares if this little kid dies, he's a freak.

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