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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Why is it so disgusting out? Who wants to bike or study kanji in this weather????

At this rate, delights in Zas will NEVER open. But, at Zas, they have a smoothie called like, Peach Mango Heaven or something like that... and one called Rasberry Passion....

MY QUESTION IS WHY NOT: RASBERRY HEAVEN.... because that's the song I'm listening to ...

Went to a JELC party yesterday. It was fun. Emily made excellent fudge. And there might exist pictures of me helping cook (amazing, isn't it... I thought this day would never come). We also played pictionary and Noam draws extremely hott pictures of faces eating sushi.

I need to call sensei about my speechi because the person from the contest says I need to send my translation. But I gave sensei a summary and she said that was good enough. At least I HOPE it's good enough because my summary is reeeeeally bad. It's hard to translate things. Because I wrote it in Japanese. I will probably be extremely nervous when I have to actually give my speech. But, I would much rather give a speech in Japanese than in English. Because I can express emotion in Japanese. I think. I wonder if Domier will go. He's not allowed to nervous me.

bye dudes.

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