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Sunday, March 27, 2005


So the all famous speechi contesto was yesterday. Nevermind that I had to survive through a screaming fight to go. But it was good.

Apparently before the trip, sensei said to domier something like, "シカゴにハンキパンキしない. でも車でいいです." Hehe.

The elevators at the japan place were BRUTAL. And the bathroom had a code you had to enter to get in.

The little kids in the first category were also INSANE. They were in elementary school and had taken japanese for like 7 or 8 years, and they're like 10 tops... you think they'll be cute, and then they can speak like 10x better than you can. Not cute.

Luckily, I didn't have to compete against them, because I probably would have lost.

Before my speech I felt like I was going to throw up. But it went downhill (uphill? it got better anyway) from when I actually got on stage. Because there weren't that many people there. Or because there were more people than I was used to. Whatever.

My speech was about the internet and how we spend too much time on it.

The question was, "if everyone's electricity (and therefore internet) were turned out, do you think we would survive?" (in japanese of course)

And it was like CRAP, I hadn't ever thought about this! Would we survive? I don't know. That's why it was a rhetorical question in my speech. So I just panicked and was like, "生きて...でもつらい" even though I highly doubt that even sort of qualifies as a sentence.

But apparently that wasn't all too important because I still managed to place 2nd in my division thingie. I got a compliment from a stranger too (my favorite kind of compliments... i guess). So now I'm the proud owner of a panasonic CD player, the exactly perfecto gift because no computer in my house likes utada hikaru enough to play her cds. But I do.

The girl who won though, won because she CRIED. Okay so her pronunciation was better and her speech was really touching. Or something. But I'm still bitter than someone who cried won. Roveiza said it happened last year too.

And sensei danced to a commercial on the way back.

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