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Monday, April 04, 2005 weeeeeeeek...

WEll, this weekend sucked. Not allowed to see the boyfriend out of school anymore, thanks to my wonderful parents. So my weekends are going to be exceedingly dull...

Speaking of which, he's not around now either.

So aside from not having any particular affection for weekends anymore, this week is tech week for the Pajama Game. Which is insaneeeeeeeee, but good... I have oodles of solos, or so I think... perhaps the rest of the pit orchestra is just not paying too much attention.

Today in fitness I didn't have any socks, and Domier didn't have any extras although about 6 of my feet could fit comfortably into a single Domier sock... so I ran without socks, and now I have wonderful blisters on my left foot. They're medium sized and nastyyyyy, so I walked around the rest of the day barefoot. I could tell my feet were scraping, but I didnt know it was to that extent... but I vow to never run 2.5 miles again with no socks. It wasn't so bad until around 2 miles.

Pit orchestra is great because of the general animosity between the pit and the rest of the cast. Because they never pay any attention to us, so we have to follow them instead of vice versa. But Murphy gives us snacks to boost morale.

You can just feel the sugar in your blood.

This is probably my last blogging oppurtunity for this week, so farewell.

mo posted at 9:33 PM.