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Friday, April 08, 2005


The Pajama Game is wildly exciting (ariana almost died of the excitement). I got 2 flowers yesterday from excellently nice people, and it was cool playing with a crowd there. Not that I could see the crowd. But applause is welcome.

I am unfortunately sick, due to the wonders of no sleep + germs. It's managable, although there was no way I could get myself out of bed at the normal time today... I hope I have passed the worst of it.

Yesterday tess wanted me to nair my legs. But I didn't succumb to peer pressure.

In other news, hopefully i'll be off to the courier soon. And then show 2 of 4! I love musicals. Even if they're ridiculous and involve cat boxers. The pit is great. The amount of sugar I've been consuming this week probably totals what I eat in about 3 months of normal life. Probably more.


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