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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Although I usually post about absolutely nothing, something has actually happened in my life recently.

On Thursday, the Pynk Pyritz, the hottest string trio on the planet, recorded our first CD.

Now don't get excited, it's just a demo sort of thing, so we won't make money from it or anything. It's for giving people who want us to play at their weddings, but are skeptical that a high school string group could actually be any good.

So we showed up at the recording "studio", which was actually in this guy's house. This dude was crazy cool because in the 2 rooms of his house I set foot in, I estimate there were about 15 or so guitars... and those were clearly just the acoustic ones. And in his studio, there was sound equipment stacked up to the ceiling.

We took only 1 take of the first song, 2 of the second, and 2 of the third (but that's only because someone accidentally plucked a string somewhere where we weren't supposed to, and a truck went down windsor and it was loud enough to hear).

We'd never heard ourselves before, and it was impressive... it's like the opposite of hearing your voice on tape... we sound better on tape, I think. You would never guess from the CD that we were in a little carpeted room in someone's house... it sounds like we're in a cathedral or concert hall.......

AND mark is going to review it for the gargoyle. I can't wait to see what he finds to be sarcastic about.

now we get to do the hard part: designing a cover, taking pictures, and distributing the CD. We should get our first copy in the middle of next week.


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