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Monday, April 18, 2005 gets a gig...

I have secured a gig for myself at Nate Kim's church on May 22. Me and only me! They're doing like, a going away service, some church leader there is retiring. I get paid a little bit, and it's a solo... so maybe people will recognize my clearly genius cello skillz (ha) and hire me (rather, the pynk pyritz) for weddings, parties, etc etc.

I couldn't hear anything in Japanese today, because people were talking, and therefore I couldn't hear the video. I cannot understand Japanese unless I focus 100% of my attention on it, so if I miss anything, I won't be able to understand at all.

Domey finished my armwarmers (yippee just in time for summer), in like 1 day when he was sick, and now not only do I have this really comfy and cute armwarmers... I have my needles back, which is cool.

I need to get a job this summer. I need money. I am materialistic.

I also need to make my prom outfit. Ariana must help! Actually I have no clue what I'm wearing to prom who am I kidding. Smell ya later dudes!

mo posted at 8:34 PM.