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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yesterday I went to Angelina's Party, ladeda, I discovered I don't like most of our class. But I also won't pass up a socializing oppurtunity. Yay.

I'm not interested in a lot of my homework *sigh*... or else I'm just too lazy to do it. Perhaps I'll do a studying marathon after orchestra -- I must study for that stupid SAT II! Or else. Ugh. I hate testing. WHY, why. I'm not going to do very well. So maybe I'll study, take another practice test. There's always questions that I thought I got right htough, and didn't. With the AP, I used to not get any of the questions, and now I get almost all of them, so maybe if I just take enough practice tests, I'll succeed with this one too!

What else, english, history papers... I dislike papers a lot. Anthro project, I sent out the email, but that's really all I've done so far... maybe I'll do an english outline or do research for history. I've read maybe 20 pages of my book which is several hundred pages long.

Life is boring. Sometimes it's really interesting though. But I think the problem here is... I hate sundays. And wednesdays. Aren't those christian service days or something? I don't know. I just don't like them. Sundays are boring and icky and homework filled, and I always am sick, injured, dying, worried, etc. on Wednesday.

Ariana says next weekend I can make my prom skirt. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I might have something to wear!

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