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Monday, May 30, 2005


Finally, my legwarmers, are complete.

Felt terrible this morning, found that the Kaplan SAT II math study book has millions upon millions of mistakes. Cannot use it. I don't remember having this problem with other study guides of theirs. Nonetheless, will never buy Kaplan product again. Either there are gross typos that change the problem, or there are two answer choices that are equivalent, or they make mistakes in adding instead of subtracting...every time I "missed" a problem I found that I was actually right, and they were wrong.

Anyway, went biking today, with Domier and his crowd. Actually mostly with just Domier, since they were already at Gong's house. But we showed up, and hung around, etc etc, it was a nice day. Plus, biking lets me keep up this great tan I have. According to mr domier's estimates, I biked around 6 miles.

Then we came back, and abby showed up at my house, and I fed them (they ate all the cookies!) and they went away, because I made them.

Anyway, now I'm wondering where that boy is because we were supposed to study history (i.e. find the rest of the ids together) but he hasn't called, and his cell phone is off. Perhaps that means he's doing something of utmost importance. Probably not though.

So, after one makes legwarmers, what does someone do? make MORE legwarmers, of course! This time, shorter, and in blue.

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