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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 hand is a wobbly snake...

I accidentally cut part of my upper arm with my razor. But it didn't really bleed, so I think I won't die of blood loss just yet.

The weather is getting nicer, which makes me feel like studying more, not less, like everyone else. Domier is eating dinner. Then we can translate Japanese. Which will be very hard. Translating this soap opera is not easy. But understanding while watching it is not so bad. As long as I pay 100% attention all of the time.

SOoooooooo let's talk about prom.


At least the AP is over. But I can't talk about the free response questions until tomorrow at noon, and I can NEVER talk about the multiple choice questions! Today we stared blankly at the mean value theorem on the board, and Mrs. Jockusch said, "I hope you knew the MVT yesterday when it was on the AP" and it was scary. I guess it's on there every year though.

I want to learn Japanese. I can currently have incoherent conversations in Nihongo. I learned a new vocab word yesterday though:


it means snot. Literally: nose water.

Today at the Union there were millions of people I knew. From orchestra. That's strange, you never see orchestra people around, but at least 3 or 4 were there at the union. Questions arise: why are they there? what school do they go to? why did htey bother to come to the union?

But I didn't ask them.

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