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Sunday, May 15, 2005

...homework is crappy...

Big show was excellent, I didn't make any fatal mistakes, and I was possibly even helpful. I'm excited about being in charge of lights last year. Mpitt correctly assessed the situation: doing lights is an easy job, but if you fuck up, everyone knows. But I think I can handle it, if I can get used to being yelled at by Ridey about ghost lights next year. Will miss all the seniors next year though :(

Anyway it was fun, cast party was fun although I didn't stay very long. One day (next year) I WILL stay for an entire cast party. But I had to be up at 7:45 this morning (UGH) to go play my cello at Nate Kim's church for the service. So I thought that I would be done at 9:30 but noooo there was a SECOND service, so I ended up not getting home until 11:30! Argh! What's up with having church twice? Methinks once is plenty. I'm all churched out now.

SO GREAT that left me with EVEN less time to do my history paper. I have now read all my information (yay for 200 pages in the past day) but I don't know what to say yet.

I need to finish though so I can reward myself by doing fun things like AIM, signing up for my psych course, and sleeping or something. Haven't gotten a good night's sleep since may 7. I say no more morning committments. The 5k was bad enough (25:57, I improved by like 2 minutes, hoooray.) but then getting up early again the next day? Ugh.

I hate mornings with passion.

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