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Monday, May 16, 2005

...i just burped...

Today I found out I'm a mean person! Actually I knew it already, but not as well.

Major projects before end of year (post history paper completion):

English poetry thingy
2 history tests
1 (+ maybe an optional based on my grade) history paper
1 5 page anthro paper
1 2 page nihongo paper
1 english final
1 physics quiz
1 physics final
math homework.
Math SAT II to study for

Sadly, math is not bad lately and I still have tons of homework. If only I could write faster in Nihongo. I am soooo slow. Not to worry, I will get faster (maybe) once I learn how to speak it.

Now my mom is worrying about earthquakes in Tokyo! Yaaay!

Today we watched more of the soap opera (winter sonata!) in nihongo class. I would just like to say that Yujin is a total bum for going with the personality-less Minyon instead of the waaay cuter Sanhyoku. How can you possibly go for someone who wears completely monochromatic outfits, and doesn't show their neck EVER? Plus, Sanhyoku is a nice guy, but now that she's decided not to marry him, he should take up Cherin's tactics, and try everything possible to ruin Yujin's life. But I don't think he has it in him. WHY are main characters always so hateful??? There is something wrong with that girl anyway. She obsesses over Jyunsan from 10 years ago, and cries about it alllll the freaking time. Conveniently, she likes the guy who looks like Jyunsan! Why? Because he reminds her of a dead person. Okay so he's not actually dead. But necrophilia man. In my opinion that's way creepier than sanhoyku KISSING her ONCE. Jeeeesus they've been dating for 10 years and they've never kissed???? I do not understand.

I <3 cherin though. I want to be just like her. I look too innocent though, whether I am or not is irrelevant.

Lalala I think I will call Domey on the phone and study history now. Goodbye.

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