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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


In efforts to make my blog refrain from becoming "lame" I think I should post. Note: this doesn't mean I have anything to say.

School is finishing up, but there is so much work left to be done. Tomorrow's calc test will be the worst, and besides that, the main attractions are the physics quiz, japanese paper, english final, physics final, and the dreaded math SAT II that I'm going to study for during finals week. HOORAY!!!

This has been the week of concerts, exciting but not as stupid as last year when I had a differnet concert on each of 3 consecutive nights.

Domier and Iiaeaux came to my concert, I was happy. It was fun. Also, we did better than I thought we would, given the state of things at rehearsals, etc.

Another year is ending. I don't really care that much since I'll still have plenty of things to do in the summer, but at least I will get to sleep until a decent hour.

I am most looking forward to going to Japan. It will be a most excellent adventure.

However, apparently we ahve to do a response paper for our poetry projects. No one told me this, so now mine is already 2 days late, so I guess I should do it anyway.

last weekend was fun. We went biking on saturday and ate ice cream (ah, how athletic of us), and then my friends would not leave my house, and threw library cards at my window to get my attention *sigh* perhaps one day, my friends will be normal. Probably not though. Anyway, then the next day there was STAR WARS, which wasn't very good, and in fact was quite disappointing. It was cool when Mace Windu died by falling out a window though. Very nice. Once they started killing people off it was fun, althoguh a little bit predictable because you just think "oh, wait, these people are in the original trilogy, so they're gonna live"

Also, Padme's pregnancy made no sense. There was absolutely no sense of time, and while it seemed like only a week or two had passed, she went from having to tell him that she was pregnant (i.e. she wasn't showing much) to giving birth. There is something wrooooooong there.

Alright, off to write my paper.

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