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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Today was a good day. We got yearbooks today, and unfortunately they get less and less exciting every year because there's more poeple that are younger than me and therefore I do not care about them except for select people. But luckily I got left some stuff by seniors and even QUOTED (my first ever quote, I feel so honored!)

There's also a gigantic momier picture, and I am very proud of the expression on my face in it.

Why else was today good? I hung around, got poked a lot, and did the whole physics sheet by myself. With some help from Domier, except my question would always be "why did I get the negative answer" and the answer would always be "i forgot to switch sides of the equation" but as soon as I would ask Domier for help I would figure it out.

We also had the Japan trip meeting which was fun and exciting. What are we going to eat in Japan? BEEEEEEEEF. Or whatever they give us pretty much. Anyway it all sounds very exciting especially how we're going to KOBE and checking out the high school, where I would potentially go, if I did post high school transferring through Uni. Sadly and ironically, my competition is Domier, so I think we're both going to apply to rotary too, and then maybe one of us will get into rotary, and one can go with Uni. I'm exciting about being a potential schoolgirl. Even though I will probably be about 4 sizes bigger than any of them.

Anyway, this trip will be excellent, and its small only 10 people, so hooray for that, and now I am off because I'm sick of writing this.

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