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Friday, May 27, 2005

...the end!!! almost...

Ah, the school year ends. I'm excited about being a senior next year, hooooray! Although, will miss all these seniors (yea right... well, some of them) and all the whatnot, it gets harder every year. I remember missing select people last year. But I guess, I will survive. And when they come back, they get infinitely more popular cuz it's like omg alumni...

Anyway there's still a long, but dwindling list of things to get through:

-one more math assignment
-one math AP multiple choice (our final)
-one history test
-one english final
-some anthro to work on (more of that project)
-one physics final AAAAA
-one japanese paper
-one math SAT II

and then I get... 9 days to party before heading off to the land of the rising sun.

Things are so good! Except all that crummy work I must do.

mo posted at 6:46 PM.