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Saturday, May 28, 2005 your homework...

Today has been an oh-so-fun day. Let's look at what's happened so far.

10:30, wake up, eat, etc.
11:00, work on reading history book and looking for IDS
12:00, get online and talk to domier, and interview some secret person for anthro
2:30 until roughly 7:00 (with lunchtime and maybe a half hour phone conversation in there) do the nihongo paper. That thing took me several hours, but it is beautiful, and now sensei can mark all over it with red pen.
7-7:45, try to figure out problem 44, and then give up, while simultaneously dealing with random calls and IM messages from Dimitri.

and, during the day for roughly 2 hours, the all cool Nate Kim was at my house, using my brother's computer for unknown, HTML project related excitement. Then he left. And I continued to work on my paper.

I am very glad I have done the NSC-68 one already.

But now, it's time for even more homework excitement, I know you guys are jealous of my life! Maybe tomorrow, if I'm really lucky, I'll get to study physics!

mo posted at 7:47 PM.