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Sunday, June 12, 2005


This blog is going to turn lame. Because I will be in JAPAN for the next 17 days. Hooray! I've been furiously buying gifts all week so I haven't blogged. Sorry.

Plans for Japan:

-speak a lot of japanese
-give my speechi twice (that thing again, yes)
-buy a lot of stuff (maybe for some of you, if you're lucky)
-NOT get any diseases that my mom has warned me about
-save jono from jumping
-check it out as a possible home if I do rotary/exchange junk
-not worry about my stupid schedule which is terrible
-eat lots of beef! Well eat any beef really, cuz I can!
-knit my host mom this scarf on the plane... I have 1 foot so far. This is bad
-get up at 5 tomorrow morning
-call my family every day (yes, it will be done, thanks to the miracle of technology... ugh)
-buy loose socks
-be across the largest ocean in the world from you guys
-have exotic hair for once
-have tons of fun ! RaR!

I'll miss you guys. Well, some of you anyway. The ones that count. Byebye. I leave you with this poem:

I want to write a
poem, or a haiku, but
muffins and tigers.

Ha, interpret that!


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