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Monday, June 06, 2005

...i am icky...

so once again, no lame blogness. But my blog will become lame when I go to Japan from june 13-30!!! w00t! It's gonna be ichiban. ichiban everything.

Ah, I got through that physics test with flying colors. Just kidding. But it might have been A material. Not necessarily true about math though...

anyhow, summer is great. Let's see all the things I have accomplished so far:

-one post school year beginning of summer party
-took the sat II (blech, math... it went ok i guess... it was easier than my practice book by a bit)
-one going away party for Kris
-one TOF gettogether
-one exclusively Momier gettogether
-one day of shopping for Japan trip and buying not very much
-one hour+ yearbook signing
-many many hours of phone and AIM with the boy
-one episode of smallville watched
-one disease currently being caught from my brother (THANKS DEREN) in which my throat is sore. I hope these cold-eeze things work.

here are the things I have NOT accomplished:
-any exercise whatsoever (minus the walking to the park and walking during shopping)
-cleaning my room
-signing up for my web course
-keeping a strong immune system
-finishing all of my pocky :)
-getting buttloads of film for the trip
-finishing my legwarmer (one of pair 2)
-buying yarn for scarf for host-relative
-drinking lots of fluids to combat this disease
-taking a shower today

Summer is so good. Unfortunately I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow at something like 8 oclock. This means that I won't miss the morning, which is supposedly the best time of the day. However, I beg to differ. I like missing the morning, because it means I am well rested. But maybe i'll be converted.

Doubt it, though.

My nose is cold! And it's 90 degrees outside. Sometimes I hate air conditioning. I guess it's good that I don't die of heatstroke. But I swear one day I will freeze to death.

Alright, I'm gonna go accomplish some of the unaccomplished things. Like cleaning my room, and drinking water. I don't plan to do any exercise right now. Seeing as I am sickly.

mo posted at 6:14 PM.