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Saturday, July 30, 2005

...let's be friends...

So I went to Ariana's house from 2 until now (when I'm supposed to be cleaning my room) and we made friendship bracelets. Yes, we are 16 years old. No, not the square root of 16, really 16. Anyway, I guess we're making them because Ariana's leaving and NEVER COMING BACK in august (but I think we'll see her again, personally). Unfortunately Ariana didn't know how to make friendship bracelets so we went through the painful process of teaching. But she picked it up and currently a wonderful half-friendship bracelet exists.

I also drove to Ariana's house. I am making so much progress! Unfortunately, I have regressed from last summer where I could drive to the mall area... but I think it was also that my dad trusts me more and is less critical when I make mistakes. Plus, I am getting frustrated with the automaticness of this car. I feel that I don't have enough control when stopping or speeding up. But at least I don't have to downshift. I also miss rolling at stops instead of just deciding to go.

In other news, I'm listening to the GITS song and it's pretty and filled with many wonderful memories that I won't discuss here. GITS=ghost in the shell for any of you who are silly and don't know. In other anime news, I really need to watch AKIRA apparently. It's my homework, perhaps it will happen sometime soon. I hope.

Plans for the evening? I'm going to Rose's play (Starmites) and hopefully the tickets will not be sold out, like last time I tried to see one of her plays. However, this show had 3 nights, and that one had about 20 so that mistake was less forgivable. What can I say? I'm a crappy friend. Anyway, it should be good, but I have to make myself some PB&J before I go...

and question: why is there no utada hikaru on my mp3 player on my computer? More exciting references to utada later on.

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