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Friday, July 01, 2005


I am home, and have read all 52 of my comments that were so graciously bestowed upon my blog.

Now the question is, where do I even start?

How about here. I can tell you all massive stories later, but I sort of just wish Domey would call me or get online -- he was sweetly at the airport for me (as was noam, and her coming home gift was superb), but of course my parents are all "let's go" and whatnot, so I was gone. Then I had to show some stuff I got etc etc and begin to tell my millions of stories.

Argh. So the first story I will tell is the one about how I couldn't email, phone, or mail.

Okay. First, phone. I got my phone card in Japan, but evidently it has about 20 minutes of time on it. So, in figuring out how to use it, calling my paretns once, and jono using the rest of it... I managed to use that up. No one was very giving and wanted to donate a phone card, so I was out of a phone.

Email, we just really didn't do. I was on the computer to put in my commetns for about 2 minutes one day in Towa, and didn't get to use the computer any other time the entire trip. I feel really bad about that, but I couldn't figure out what to do.

Mail, I wrote a postcard to Domey, and then realized that I don't technically know his address. I wrote the postcard in Towa. Sensei was like "i have a directory, but i'll give it to you in Tokyo". Then we went to tokyo, and that night I didn't get it, and then we were in Kyoto/Kobe. Then I asked and the directory was still in Tokyo. And then on the last day when I asked, she apparently had sent it with her luggage. SO, I asked at very inoppurtune moments and therefore completely fucked that up.

I hope he forgives me though, according to his blog he hasn't been having that bad of a time.

You all seemed to miss me quite a bit, which is nice. I wasn't homesick, but I missed all of you, like when I would make an inside joke reference and oops, you're not there. But this trip was great and yes, Ariana should have been there (at least once every three days) and Domier wasn't there to help me with all my crap that I constantly make him help me with... but I was, as Ryo put it, having "kickass time". So, yeah.

I don't even know where to begin, I wrote all my stuff in my travel journal, but you don't need to hear all my comments.... so perhaps I'll just put what I remember, starting with cultural comments.

-people aren't as small as you guys made them sound. I fit into all the clothes, and I wasn't even a large like I am here. I also could buy shoes, and I didn't even feel very tall.

-no matter what I do, I cannot get used to the little 1 or 2 inch steps that are EVERYWHERE. No two rooms are on the same level, and seriously I kept tripping and stubbing my toe the entire time. Slippers are also tricky, because I'm used to just taking my shoes off and being sock/barefooted.

-no kids I have met study at all in Japan. Stereotypes gone wrong? Have I only met the low end school kids? I think they just text on their phones.

-if you don't play a sport they think you're completely insane. This is a problem for me. I said I don't like sports and the schoolkids all say in unison, "eh?!?!" So I try to play it off and substitute in cello, but they aren't really fooled. Sorry guys. Sports aren't for me.

-I <3 trains. So did my host brother in Tokyo. He was 4. We rode trains and went to Karaoke, and went shopping. The bullet train had a delay the frist time we took it butit was fun anyway.

-The exit signs are crazy.

-the little dangly things off everyone's phones are called sutorappu (i.e. strap) and they come in millions of varieties. I bought a few, but they are mostly not for me.

-I think I have something about shoes and socks. As in, I'm obsessed with them. I would go crazy when I saw any shoe/sock stores.

-there is a ridiculous amount of ice cream in japan. I know it's the best thing since sliced bread (and they don't really ahve sliced bread) but I didn't expect it. I enjoyed the funny flavors like milk tea, sesame, and sakura mochi.

-Most guys there have long hair. I think it's cool. Domier still has long hair which I am pleased about, but I would survived either way (he didn't cut it off when I left). Ryo was asking me about the hairstyles, and I said I liked them. Well, most people look better with long hair anyway. There are some exceptions. The girls' hair was ok, but it's too different from mine to even begin to compare.

-The show in Lost in Translation, with the eels and the crazy gayish guy, before I thought, would be obscure japanese tv. But no, stuff like that is mainstream. Every night at dinner in Towa, our two host brothers (who actively avoided us and still managed to be really cool, but that's a different story) would watch this show about these 2 guys who would try to eat as much food as possible, like a fish that was bigger than them. By the end of the homestay I recognized the music they used in the show.

-freedom was nice. We could do whatever we wanted. The limitations were on ourselves only, what we could handle. I'll miss being able to walk around with people and not care when I get home, or go out and try new things like the excitement of karaoke

-I ate some beef. It was ok, I guess. Me and Jono had an exciting first-beef moment on our first night in Tokyo, and that was exciting. We also ate at McDonalds once, even though they may use american beef, who knows. It was pretty exciting, but I don't really think I'm missing out on too much. Although it was very convenient for Japan because half the time I didn't know what was in my food. But unlike jono, I'm not gonna really miss it.

-I am gonna miss all the excellent fashion in Tokyo though. It's hott I must say. I bought some clothes (and shoes, though a measley one pair in comparison with josie's three), so maybe I can become really really stylish for like one outfit, and then the rest be normal.

-I think that Domier is probably not gonna get online tonight, seeing as he hasn't been here in the 12-1:30 time block. So now what am I gonna do? I could sort through my stuff. I question when I will talk to him but then again... i have NOTHING to do tomorrow. Awesome. I also question when we will go running. If I'm supposed to run 3 miles in 3 days, I'd better start exercising.

my sleeping habits this past week have been like, 5 hours, 3.5 hours, 0 hours, 11 hours, and then 7 hours on the plane... so I dunno, it's been fun.

I also want to make tshirts.

But right now I wish I could talk to Domey... :( I hope to see him tomorrow though.

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