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Saturday, July 02, 2005

...america is depressing...

Argh. I don't like it here. Japan story:

On our last night, we were in Tokyo in the Kobokan, and they gave us a kinda american style meal -- some sort of meatloaf/hamburgery thing, but also a plate of rice. And they gave us a fork and knife. And I had stayed up all night and been travelling all day so I was about to collapse, and I kept thinking "there is something so wrong here". At some point someone else just said "HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EAT RICE WITH A FORK!?!?!"

It was so sad.

I miss hashi that break nicely for me.

I miss tatami.

I miss nihongo de hanashiteitara, hitobito ga wakaru.

I want to say "shitagi" or "uchuujin" and people to be impressed with my wide vocabulary.

I miss sitting in Tokyo, sweating, and drinking juusu.

mo posted at 8:00 PM.