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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

...thai food and magic...

So now I'm going to post more about camp. but I'm going to leave out all the stuff I really want to talk about in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

So staying in the dorms was really exciting, despite the cold rooms, it's like having a sleepover all the time with Fo throwing the sticky man against the wall and Stacy/Arielle choosing their outfits for an hour while I slept in preparation for morning runs. To the right is our bathroom in all its girliness. I ran twice in the morning at 6 am (wheeee fun) but the other days either the head counselor didn't show up, or we didn't show up. Anyway, we ran more than 3 miles, and it was exciting, with the exception of certain guys who tended to tag along and want us to look back and stop... ("what did you eat for breakfast???" he asked me. I replied, "I haven't eaten anything this morning yet!" arrrrrrgh)

So now I'm fantastically in shape (or was last thursday anyway) especially after all the walking, running, and dancedancing at that camp (ohhh union...).

Another thing I picked up at camp was my newfound fondness for mini-pranks. Which, if you've read Fo's journal, are pranks that are amusing but not actually way too harmful. The first prank we did was on Maura/Shira, when they left the room and said "don't lock us out" so of course we did. Then they came back and thought we were dead.

Prank 2: Fo and Ho played a prank on ME (how could they) after a night of me hanging out chilling downstairs and them being bored up in my room. So they built this card castle and put my half consumed powerade bottle on top of it (pictured to the right), and then turned off the lights, went into the closet, and jumped out at me when I entered. I wasn't too exciting, so I think they were disappointed. But oh well. The powerade is heavy though, so I think Fo Shizzle contains some engineering genius.

Taking a break from the pranks, my group (oh, my lovely group) had the strongest surviving structure! It's called the Pretty Pony Palace, named by Rob, who is superduper awesome. He wore his ribbon to the airport, as he comes from Boston, but I think mine is definitely going on my backpack, cuz then everyone will know!!

So prank #3, was in none other than evo (the magic in thai food and magic) and so we got our bubble tea and it was sealed, and Sean asked me how to open it with the straw. So of course I told him to stab it in, with lots of strength (hehe) and so he did, and his pinapple snow exploded onto himself and those around him! Perfectly orchestrated by ME.

But now I'm sick of writing, so later. Fo Shizzle forever!!

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