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Friday, July 22, 2005

...ah, storms...

Several important things:

1) yes, Momier is over. The great empire falls. But hopefully there are no hard feelings, even though I would deserve them if there were any. I'm sure some poeple can exchange gossip about reasons and/or who is involved, but let's just say, you know who you are.

2) I'm visiting my relatives in the bluegrass state right now so I won't be back until saturday night. Hope you miss me.

3) my hands smell like cinnamon thanks to the soap I used recently

4) i have been given no good advice in the past several years from my friends. guess what friends, you suck at giving advice! even more than I do! because I tend to be happy when I follow my own advice. Or advice given by other people that I decide makes good sense.

Ok whatever, bye. I wish I could have some magic right now.

mo posted at 12:58 AM.