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Sunday, July 24, 2005 time at engineering camp...

There is so much to be done around here, and only 1 month until school starts :(

Summer has been so... crazy I guess, and I am going to miss my 12 hour sleeps (like last night). Alright kids, here's my final schedule (i think):

1. English
2. World Since 45
3. CALCULUS! yaaaaay
4. orchestra/lunchbuddies
5. free, but will become indep study japanese
6. social ad
7. physics
8. PE

but now, I don't want to think of such things.

Right now, all I want to do is sit and daydream while I knit my harry potter scarf, listen to hilary duff (I got her cd from last year from my cousin, sweeeet), read the new harry potter book (haven't done that yet), organize my massive amounts of clothes and junk in my room, play my cello, see the occasional friend, and chat online for hours about who knows what.

I dislike thinking about college, or me potentially getting my drivers license (grr i need to practice).


edit: this is cool.

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