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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


"I think I'll take a 20 minute power nap" --Colette at 4 am

With that quote, I will move on to the important things. I miss Japan. I miss being woken up by okaasan, eating breakfast while watching the TV drama Faito (Fight), finishing my last rice grains so as not to be rude, wondering where Nobu and oniisan were, and especially walking to the komisen in the morning by ourselves. The best part was when you are about to leave you say "ittekimasu!" and host mom says "itterasshai!"

For those of you out of the loop (out of the circle of life), those are the traditional japanese things you say when you're leaving. But, the best part was that we just left, by foot, to go wherever we wanted. And you didnt' need a car, because cars suck.

I also miss crunky, and green tea all the time, and all the crazy ice cream, and people being japanese instead of american. I miss people being impressed when I said I like utada hikaru (well, ho likes her too, so that was cool) and randomly breaking out into song to prove my devotion. Actually, all I had to do was start singing Hikari...

Moral of the story: i miss japan.

mo posted at 8:00 PM.