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Friday, August 05, 2005 american...

Besides my obsession with all things Japanese, and from Japan... Colette has now hooked me on something distinctly American: The OC.

Last night I had some JELC-ites over and we watched the first 5 episodes. The show is so excitingly addictive... I just can't stop watching. My mom is also hooked on it, so we watched an episode at 1 last night and haven't had another chance to watch one since. Unfortunately, there are 27 episodes per seasons, 2 seasons... and we're on season 1, episode 7.

At some point in the future I'll put some really deep analysis of this show, and why watching it has made me change my opinion from "It's something really dumb" to "it's something really dumb that's addictive."

I love college planning, it's my favorite thing to do. Today I feel like majoring in computer science. It will be fun, since I know nothing about computers.

But right now, I feel like listening to more Utada Hikaru and surfing the Web. In Japan, Utada Hikaru is like a universally unifying force that can put me on the same brainwave as any Japanese person. As long as I open my mouth, and start saying "donna tokidatte, tada hitoride" there is a beautiful connection that I haven't found with anything other than knowledge of Japanese music. Plus, she has apparently been in style for several years, because I first heard her songs around freshman year, and this summer people still were definitely willing to talk about her.

As opposed to loose socks, which are no longer in style. My host parents in Tokyo informed me that they were so 5 years ago. Yes, they said that to me, in Japanese of course. But that didn't stop me from buying them!

I see a red door and I wanna paint it black... name that song! it's one of the best.

Later dudes.

mo posted at 8:10 PM.