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Sunday, August 07, 2005


After 4 more episodes of the OC, I am still wanting more. 16 down, 9 to go (season 1).

Things that have happened recently... I seem to have been watching so much tv that I have lost all touch with reality. At least I get knitting done though. At least, unlike some people on craftster, Spencer doesn't mind knitting. In fact I have a lot of requests. Here is my knit list which I am sure you are all thrilled to hear:

-pynk pyritz bag (ehh... progress is being made)
-harry potter scarf (no hope of progress)
-SOMETHING illusion scarf (once ariana tells me what)
-SOME scarf (for kris... once i decide to make it)
-SOME OTHER scarf (for spencer, once i decide to make that)
-fingerless gloves (ditto)
-does anyone else need anything while I'm at it? Bags? Sweaters? Cell phone cozies? I'm just a knitting factory over here. W00t.

See, this would be a problem if I didn't adore knitting.

But, to ramble on more... knitting is fun. With my smallish needles (rather... Angelina's smallish needles), I've been knitting to the OC and I am probably halfway done with the side of my bag. Yep. However, then I have the entire back to do, and all the sewing. So knitting is good because while it makes you feel incredibly accomplished to do, it also makes you feel like you haven't made a dent in anything. Because although I doubled the length of the side today, I only actually knit like... 20 square inches of fabric. So, not only am I currently making stuff for 3 people, I'm going to have to mail it to all 3 (unless they come back from college/germany/pittsfield to pick it up)... dude I hope it does not get lost in the mail.

20 days until Pynk pyritz wedding
less until school starts
less until ariana leaves

I hate august.

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