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Friday, August 12, 2005

...first date...

Yesterday Spencer came to visit, and since everyone was too enveloped in their own problems yesterday, I had no one to talk to about it really. So I will write some stuff down here (now there is no one online).

To start from the beginning... I went to the final TOF sleepover before Ariana leaves, Wednesday night. We watched a good french movie and played with her very friendly cats, and eventually went to sleep. The next day, they wanted to go on campus. This was very very bad since I was having my Spencer time on campus partially and we decided he wouldn't meet my friends until later times. So of course I did the natural thing, and I lied.

Also, Ariana had a cold which I feel like I am catching. Great.

Anyway, so last time we were on campus (during camp), we ate and got bubble tea (magic). This time I thought we would take the logical next step, which took us of course to Moonstruck, the land of chocolate and a big poster of Johnny Depp. There I took an excellent photo of him because I am an awesomely talented photographer. Actually I am a terrible photographer, but this was a lucky picture.

Later, we also took a picture of us near my hilary duff posters, to prove that he was in fact here (certain friends think I'm pulling a Tiara here) and although we both don't look our most beautiful, and the picture is blurry, i like it anyway.

The only difficulty in planning these sorts of things... is that we both have a terrible inability to make decisions.

Then again, that's nothing new for me.

Without going into details, it was an excellent day, and it's impressive that he's willing to drive 2.5 hours just to see me (I don't think I'm really that cool)... but he still totally owes me a letter! Oh snaparoo!

I dont' think I'll put anything else up here about that because it's obviously public etc etc. Today I have been busy fighting the common cold, so I'll go relax and find something to do. At some point I might even read my summer reading books -- depends how sick I am feeling.

The complaining will come later, don't worry. I'm not good at writing about happy things.

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