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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Recently many exciting things have happened.

Ariana has left for Germany. She can be found at her blog assuming she has internet access. If she doesn't, we shall all cry, but I will still send her a fantastic scarf that I have yet to knit. We said goodbye at the airport today in a 1.5 hour goodbye session that involved Jeopardy and Solitaire. Spencer pulled a visit on me today, which he told me about yesterday, so he had to come with to the airport which was very boring for him, but I guess it is our misfortune that this is the day he could come. He did get to meet the exciting bunch of people that are Ariana, Noam, and Rose.

Ariana gave me boxers as a going away present, and a letter to sara. So, next time I see sara, I'm giving her a letter from Ariana! It will be fabulous. Now, I am out of a friend. I guess I will have fewer social activities, seeing as I never bother to call people, I wait for them to call me. Because I am lazy. But anyway, the departure was... well I don't know what it was, but hopefully she will have a lot of fun in Germany and come back with awesome German and tons and tons of gifts for all of us, because I am very materialistic.

Actually, no, I don't need gifts, I have my boxers.

For now, I think I won't say anything else. Julie Chen called me though, for the first time ever, I think. It's about our sexy tshirts which paparnetly the guys don't like.

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