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Sunday, August 21, 2005

...and now for something in english...

Basically, the whole school dealy is starting. The picnic happened, I've been talking to more school friends than usual, and I'm even thinking about finishing my summer reading. Probably not though -- I have to figure out how to fix the printer, which is a sketchy operation over here.

But it's been an interesting summer, that's for sure. Random summer numbers:

-number of times I swam: 5. 3 in America, 2 in Japan
-hours spent practicing driving: not very many
-knitting progress: um... a scarf for my host mom? 1 legwarmer, 1/4 of a scarf, and half a bag.
-pynk pyritz gigs: a measley one since we're always out of town
-new friends made and old friends lost: lots for both
-running: about 14 miles
-time spent at the computer: less than usual, actually. mostly because i couldn't use it in japan.
-life skills learned: how to use the toaster successfully

so yes, I've been having more computer problemos as usual. I don't understand anything about computers, actually. Therefore, I have no idea how to make the appletalk on this thing work, and all the tutorials online are written for people who may as well be writing their own OS instead of following someone's instructions. Anyway, I don't get it.

Yesterday was the picnic, which was mildly exciting. Unfortunately the amount of interesting people at our school is rapidly declining, with the gain of classes such as the current freshman and sophomores, and I predict the subbies will be even worse. Who I look for is the next short skirted slutty anorexic girl though -- when we thought the outfit repeater's dresses couldn't get any weirder or uglier, or even shorter, along came even more disgusting girls in the next class. If the pattern persists, this year's subbie girl will have even less of a personality, have shorter skirts, and have a body that even more resembles that of a 7 year old boy.

So Julie still hasn't given me my shirt. Nevermind that I was at the original tshirt meeting dude! But hopefully, I will get it tomorrow. If it's not soon, I won't be able to wear it the first day.

JELC party today, excitement all around -- watched Napoleon Dynamite. Ate food. Talked about school. All the good stuff. I am excited for tuesday for many a reason, but right now I'm just hanging out.

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