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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hooray again for school. You know I love school. Quick post before I go back to the OC. Anyway, the day was thrilling and I am pretty much ready for another summer break. Me and batia have our own physics table now that is exclusively for those who have the excellent staples quad ruled notebooks. Now I am liking them, better than I like the five star ones that I accidentally didn't get apparently.

So besides new school supplies, there really isn't much that's interesting about going back to school. I guess there's a few people that I don't mind seeing again. But the obnoxiousness of the younger classes just pisses me off. They're pretty dumb. Today some girl walked into the bathroom, the one wearing the ridiculous hat, and was to some other girl, like "omg, can you go to the bathroom faster because that would be good for my soccer practice!" to some other girl. JEEZ. I didn't realize that such stupidity is present. Yes. Anyway, I was wildly excited once again to witness the expectedly outrageous outfit of the number one slophomore. Unfortunately, I didn't see elaine gu, so I'm not sure how short HER skirt was.

And the subbie class? who knows. I haven't actually seen any real live subbies yet, or I guess I might have, but they could have been freshman or sophomores. I await to see who the slubbie leader is.

But although we managed to get through 8 episodes of the OC season 2 yesterday, another episode awaits. After all, there are what, 27 episodes per season? I don't know how I am going to get through this all. It's so exciting. Ryan, Seth, Summer, but marissa I don't really care about. Tess has an awesome OC assignment book that I am desperately jealous of, but in reality I don't use assignment books anyway, so what's the use really... except to look at gorgeous pics of the cast.

I want to listen to the Mo CD again. It's excellent.

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