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Friday, September 30, 2005 goals...

Domier punched max in the face. Wow. AND he hung out with my brother during 8th period after this... see my family IS growing to love him!!!

I might comment more later on this, but...

a few days ago domier rediscovered the freshman blog of ours, we are the geeks. Lots of us posted and such, but i'd say it was largely me. One of my posts included the following goals for my high school career. Let's see how I have progressed since mid freshman year:

1. Dye my hair (yep, my hair is unnaturally golden)
2. Learn to play a guitar or something cool like that (I can kind of play guitar and very minute amounts of bass...)
3. Get some more female friends that I can talk to yea right! well... a few I guess.
4. Get some more guy friends who can just hang out with ME (well there's domier? wtf was up with this comment)
5. Get friends who don't hate each other (UTTER FAILURE)
6. Go to a concert of a band I actually liked before I knew they were coming (still haven't succeeded here.)
7. Earn some sort of cash for my cello playing, as in more than 10 dollars at a time (yea, come on man, shnucks and weddings? raking in that dough!)
8. Get better at giving advice to people who actually want it (gave up on this long ago)
9. Become less athletic (Domier thinks I've succeeded here. I don't really know. I seem about the same.)
10. Learn not to sit around and wait for emails (currently I have 55 unread emails in my inbox.)
11. Learn to spin pencils really spiffily (I learned this one freshman year, thanks to nobu)
12. Wear boxers on a regular basis (to sleep in yeah...)
13. Go to Japan (成功だった)
14. Remain in my state of never have been to a football game (still true)
15. Buy more shoes (definitely has happened.)

So, aside from the ones that involve friends and/or being a nice person, I've been doing great! Wow, these were crappy goals. Except for going to Japan i suppose. But at least I seem to have had a somewhat successful high school era thus far. None of these goals had anything to do with studying or grades or learning. Hmm...

So there it is people. I might have been dumber. but this doesn't even begin to compare to the famous Lizzy Warner's xanga. Case closed.

mo posted at 5:10 PM.