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Friday, September 02, 2005

...the longest week ever...

I'm glad that week is over with. Notable occurences:

-I am apparently in trouble for not going to Japan Club today which I couldn't go to because we had our required senior meeting in which to discuss important rules, so now I know that it is against school rules to make lists of hott people and attractiveness based on body parts. Good to know, next time I'm doing that and the school administrators have to get involved.

-I have a ton of unread college mail. Every time I make any progress, the next day I just get that much or more new mail. It's completely ridiculous

-we have another Pynk Pyritz gig, next weekend, apparently the dude from a past gig loved us and is our biggest fan (go figure) so now we have a gig playing for the opening of something or another that I will give you details on later once I figure out what it is. Potential employers galore may be there, AND I hear it includes a balcony. Perhaps this crew will enjoy us more than that wedding last week. Finally, gigs we probably won't get cancelled on.

-Legwarmers finished. Craftster post, not so much. But it's coming. Next up, gotta finish the pynk pyritz bag. Oh and sew in ends perhaps. But I tend to not do that so often.

-I am really bad at coming up with things to talk about. It's a wonder I have a blog at all, much less one that has survived for almost my entire high school "career". High school is so not a career guys. Speaking of which I didn't schedule a meeting with Lisa. Gotta do that.

-yeah, to repeat that... I never have anything interesting to say. I want to do something interesting one day. Good goal.

-I received my all exciting pangea shirt today. I am thrilled. Now I can be an honorary SS girl (I MEAN Entrepreneurship Club girl)... while I tend to disapprove of them in general, I will not turn down an oppurtunity to pop my collar. CAN I pop my collar? will it even work? If my hair is up maybe. Ehh what a mess.

-5 eps of the OC left until I am officially caught up with the rest of the world. God this show is good. I think a review is coming up for an english journal, but not until I am at the end. Ahhh how I make TV tie in with school. I wrote a history paper last year that involved parallels between lex luthor and... crap. someone. who was it. now I have to look it up. It had something to do with the boston bank riot. No... now I'm reading my paper, and it was me comparing Jonathan Kent to Jefferson and Lex Luthor to Alexander Hamilton. What a paper. Good old US History days.


-I'm hungry. I want dinner. It's not happening yet. Afterwards will be more OC. For now I'm done.

mo posted at 7:26 PM.