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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

...ahh school...

Who here can't wait until the calc super integral exam on friday!!! And that physics quiz didn't go *so* badly... but I suppose that the problem here is everyone else is pretty much a physics genius so that in comparison, I'm just really pathetic.

And I got my rotary application in the mail, it is like 25 pages long and involves a lot of school, medical, dental, and personal paperwork that makes me want to cry. It actually makes a college essay look good. Jeeesus I want to go to Konan. I am willing to go to an ALL GIRLS school... in JAPAN. Does that explain to you guys how much I want to go to Konan?

SAT II Japanese studying... it's not too promising. It looks like I'm gonna have to break out the packets, the textbooks, and get some people to talk to me in japanese... all before I take the test on the morning of my birthday.

It still says "SPENC R IS ROOLZ" on my refrigerator. I don't know if it still has the integral on it... or Ariana's collection of random words. Probably no.

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