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Saturday, September 24, 2005

...the good and the bad...

TODAY WAS AN EVENTFUL DAY. In saying this, I mean that it was a break from the drudgery that has become school and homework, college applications and more homework... in that it had definite good and bad qualities. Since I like making lists, I will list them:

The Good:

-Momier shopping day: helped buy Domier some overpriced shirts at the mall because he forgot to buy some last time he went shopping. He had to borrow money, but luckily he did this before going to the register, because he didn't want to look stupid borrowing money at said overpriced mall stores, or look like a golddigger. Because obviously I am the gold.

-During shopping day, bought the most excellent green shoes on planet earth. I was hoping for green heels, but these are better AND my first pair of ballet flats. Mhm, very Mischa Barton you say?? Indeed. You will see them on Monday, because I WILL WEAR THEM despite both Domier and my mom's ideas.

-Shopping was fun, though Domier did not enjoy the shoe bit too much
-Domier was allowed in my house, and then he went upstairs and told Deren that he was wrong, because before Deren had said, "yeah, well you're not allowed in my house". So victory there.

-Finished Ariana's letter. Will send it soon I hope.

The Bad:

-Took the ACT this morning. It was no fun, and the room had awful feng shui, the chairs were faded pink and the chalkboard was bright green, and the lighting was artificial and it was a very bad vibe. So while I don't actually think I did so hot on the test, I did get to see some old friends... and ENEMIES! In the friend category, I saw Ian, who has a different hairstyle every time I see him (every couple years). Brings me back to the good old 6th grade times with the skateboards and Dukkyz.... but also Emily was there, my arch enemy. I will not go into the details of our wars in 7th grade on this blog, but we can say that she is very blonde and wears lip gloss now. To my disgust she has not really gotten fat like I thought she might (I think it was just that she had a very badly cut dress at one dance... very unflattering). Anyway, what's worse is that later on, I saw her at the mall again. It's amazing how I can recognize these people without even seeing them close up at all... I knew it was Ian as soon as he walked in the door, despite his shaggy hair covering his entire face, and I knew it was Emily when I was too far to even see facial features. BAHHH.

-When I was walking to Domier's car with him, I left the house and accidentally smashed my finger in the door. It hurt a lot, and luckily I am not getting married anytime soon because now there is a bandaid on my left ring finger to remind myself to be nice to that finger and don't smash it on things. It bled. I hope it does not interfere with celloing too much.

-I am very sleepy because I am (somewhat) sick and tired from all the excitement this day/week.

Things I need to work on:

-start Ariana's scarf
-do the rest of my homework
-study for SATs (in october yipee!)
-mail things to people that need to be mailed to
-learn physics
-figure out how to volunteer for RFU
-get lots of sleep
-apply to college
-apply to japan
-listen to the gorillaz
-think of marvelous outfits that involve excellent new shoes

A girl at the mall had a shirt that said "you can never have too many shoes" but the S was covered by her purse so I thought it said "you can never have too many hoes". It was exciting.

That's all folks.

mo posted at 7:47 PM.