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Tuesday, September 27, 2005's tuesday...

As to the number of compliments I have gotten on my excellent shoes, it seems that the only person who does not adequately appreciate them is Domier! Agh! I suppose it makes sense, because he was the poor bloke (turning british) who had to sit in the shoe section at Bergner's with me for an entire half hour! What an awful fate!

I personally think he's just bitter, because he cannot shoe-shop for obvious reasons.

Today we ventured to EB games and get the exciting DDR Extreme 2, but apparently it doesn't come out until... tomorrow OR the next day! Now there is something worth counting down until! He did manage to get the soundtrack or mix or whatever which is a little strange because the game consists entirely of playing these songs... but I guess sometimes it's just impossible to get enough.

I hope that my finger heals faster. It's making cello not very fun.

It smells of dinner. Tata.

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