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Friday, October 07, 2005

...two posts in one day, what is this world coming to...

I am upset that I cannot see Domey until Sunday. This is partially my fault, in that I crashed our car yesterday and therefore couldn't go to dinner with him. But this is partially the scheme of the universe trying to keep us apart on a long potentially good 4 day weekend. Due to our various activities and mishaps, perhaps there can be something on sunday. But that's not a lot to hold me out over a 4 day period of woe and misery, without even any aim conversations to keep me going.

but I suppose that its all my fault anyway. I can say that in Japanese, ooh I am becoming so fluent.

Which reminds me of more domier related projects -- subtitling movies. Not that this was an entirely successful endeavor... but hey, every once in a while I would even catch a phrase or two.

Unfortunately, all of this is made more difficult by the fact that I'm not allowed to go to his house.

So instead of obsessing over the fact that he's not around right now (at xc practice, though why they have practice on a day without school is somewhat beyond me. I guess they're just a thoroughly devoted bunch) I will go and work on my social ad movie (installed imovie just now) and struggle with the question: is it bad to call someone when they are in a haunted house?

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