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Thursday, October 06, 2005


This week has been crazy, but I am glad it's over. Monday night I stayed up until 3 doing homework -- I worked on my video for Social ad, for several hours, and my brother's hard disk crashed so I lost everything except the original footage -- gotta do that again this weekend. Other things were afoot such as english paper (an internet with the internet conveniently going out at 1 am), a physics quiz, which I got an answer to every question for. The secret: study a lot and get 4 hours of sleep.

Luckily the homework load isn't quite as bad this weekend, yes I have journals to do, math test to study for, an SAT and college apps to start... but what's worse is the cello load. Friday has a pynk pyritz rehearsal, saturday has cello related (orcehstra and pynk pyritz) from approximately 1:45 until 9 at night, with a one or two hour break perhaps. Sunday is normal orchestra, and monday is IMEA all day for a fest of practice, making friends wtih cellists, and auditioning to some scary people who don't smile.

So yes I have a lot to do. But today I came home and did something I hadn't done in a while really -- watched an anime episode and knit my HP scarf (doubleknitting is slow). I'm watching the first thing I ever went out and sought for myself (gasp illegal things) over here and it's called Tsukuyomi, or Moon Phase if you want to be English about it. The first two eps took ages to torrent, but this third one, which I will probably end up watching before the weekend is out, looks like it will take under an hour. The whole premise is that it depends on who else has the episode you want, so you download bits of it from many different people until it sums to the episode you want. Sounds a lot like calculus to me.

Today Domier wore the shirt he got when we shopped together... or one of them. It's neutral tones and I told him not to wear it with khaki pants or else he'll turn into a norwegian version of Minyon, if you guys know what I mean.

Ben Tuttle and Angelina came in my car home and we found out that... the kids at state math last year with the shirts that have "ready to kick some *picture of graph with asymptotes*" was his old school, and that he was at one time at state there. It's amazing how many people you meet and then realize they were at state. Small world.

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