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Friday, October 07, 2005

...reasons my weekend is going well...

1) crashed our only working car into our garage door and ripped the front bumper off. For half a day, we had no cars. Now our other one is back, but this one is gone.

2) computer with new hard drive doesn't have imovie anymore so i can't work on my social ad movie yet.

3) it will take more than 2 days to download the next eipsode of tsukuyomi according to bittorrent.

4) math test on tuesday

5) SAT tomorrow

6) getting abandoned in favor of friends, including the hobag herself. perhaps some mean girls action would be in order here.

7) almost 2 full days this weekend devoted to cello which I haven't practiced for. Whatever, I will wing it.

8) skipping a party this evening to study and do homework

9) my favorite holiday of all time will be ruined this year, with perhaps no time to trick-or-treat seeing as 2 college applications are due on November 1.

mo posted at 2:48 PM.