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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Another day another gig. This one was fun, we played at the library for swarms of little kids. We taught them the exciting difference between violins and cellos, because violins play high notes and cellos play low notes (but they are indeed both playing twinkle twinkle little star). The scariest part was when little kids came running up and I almost impaled them on my bow, which is dangerously at little kid eye level while I play. Luckily I deftly avoided murder and the children were unharmed.

Domier and Ben Tuttle, the groupies, also came. What nice support.

But that was yesterday, I just didn't post it.

Today was filled with awe and wonder yet again. But I don't think I will elaborate on such, because I am busy and don't feel like dealing with another post. the end!

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