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Friday, October 14, 2005

...another week gone...

It's been an alright week overall -- I think 4 days of school definitely are better than 5. I want to cook in 日本クラブ next week but unfortunately I am completely devoid of any cooking skills. So instead I will sit here and try to download the next episode of Tsukuyomi (I've watched 5 so far) and muse about having cat ears. And listen to Ayumi Hamasaki music, because I can.

Jono is extremely infatuated with Ayumi, because yes, she is beautiful, and does cosplay in her cds, like this but I think she would look better in normal clothes. Apparently that is just me though, and Jono was quite excited upon arrival in Towa to find that his room (his host-sister's room) had Ayumi Hamasaki posters all over. As of Domier giving me a sampling of the music (before he had all 28 or whatever of her CDs), I've sort of taken a liking to it. It's kind of techno ish, and her voice is really high, but not bad. I guess it depends on one's mood. I will always have some sort of alliance to Utada, since she is the first jpoper I really learned of. She is much more americanized though, and her stuff can get away from jpop and into R&B/hip-hoppy stuff which I don't like so much. But she does have some classics, particularly Hikari, and the feeling I get from Japanese people is that there is some sort of respect for her (as far as I know she doesn't do any sort of cosplay on her CDs for example). But anyway. The point is that I like listening to jpop.

Right so, this weekend I have got to work on some college apps. Gahh.

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