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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

...I don't have time for this...

I have to leave for cello in like 5 minutes, so I'll say what I can.

1. Whoever came up with this stupid term "spearhead" for taking on a project. First off, I have never even heard this pre-Katrina hurricane disaster, so where the hell did people come up with this, and second of all, it's really dumb. Why not skewer, impale, or stab, if you're going along with the same idea? I hate words.

2. I have my Halloween choices down to 2. Votes are always appreciated. Hazuki (the vampire anime chick with cat ears) or a sleshman? I am not going to be a penguin guys, sorry.

3. Apparently my handwriting is "too messy" to read on my Rotary app and my Stanford essay "isn't good enough" so this inspires me just not to apply to anything, ever, because no matter what, it won't be good enough for my parents, nevermind what the people at these various organizations think.

4. Pynk Pyritz are 1) playing at the fair dealy on saturday after next, and 2) might have a wedding on new years eve. Excellente! Maybe we'll get some champagne, but probably not. I wonder if people will wear really crazy New Years Eve outfits or the classic boring wedding stuff. I also wonder if we get to play this because it's not quite set as of yet. Anyway, I think that would be pretty raw, assuming I have all of my college apps done by then so I can party hard after the wedding.

5. Sick of school. It's definitely better than being at home though. Which tells you absolutely nothing.

6. Never gonna get my license, yippee. Come on guys, I really must make my goal of pre-July 17... or some other date in July that I don't really know, when my permit will expire. That gives me... about 9 months. Maybe I can get it before then. Does anyone know what happens if you just don't get it? Do you have to take another drivers ed course? what?

7. I don't like lifting weights because they're too heavy. Apparently all of the weights that I could lift last year "don't count" because I was not going through "the full range of motion" so I'm pretty much a complete failure in life. But guess what, maybe that's the only way I could lift these things, because you know what, weights are HEAVY.

8. Enough complaints about school. I haven't practiced my cello and I have a lesson in 6 minutes. Make that 5. But when I get home I get to relax and do my homework, now that's a fun evening plan. Maybe I'll just knit, and not fill out any college applications and not go to college, and instead land a high end job by miracle or computer error, be rich and famous, have my own fan club, and live in a small village in northern japan for the rest of my life where vending machines outnumber people by a ratio of 6:1.

mo posted at 4:53 PM.